The everyday family purchases documentation.

Seeking value for most purchases.

Every year i reckon, we saved about $3k by switching to cheaper plans, purchasing at the right time, and with all the rebates vouchers given mainly by the govt, one day all these will go away, and there is a maximum which you can saved, i am already at the cheapest fiber broadband plan that Singapore has to offer, i am also using one of the cheapest mobile plan in Singapore, there is a $5 by Circle.Life which has a lot less data. My term insurance is also one of the cheapest no frills one in Singapore, a privilege for all male who have served NS. One day we all have to get used to higher expenses when all the rebates and vouchers go away, or when increased gst kicks in. My method is, i set aside the money i have saved and tracked each year, locking in up like i have spent it, and i invest it. So on one hand, all these savings do not benefit my current life, but yet it is put to a good use, to let it grow, and one day all these money will pay me and my family back many times.

2020 online purchases

2020 Notable savings
Switched from Starhub lite($15) to Giga($10)
Switched to Aviva group term($400k) + living care($200k) from Great Eastern 2014 $200k term +CI (Saved about $30/month for next 2 years, then reduced savings to $20/month till age 45)

2019 Notable savings
Switched from Starhub 1gpbs($50 with 6 months free) to 500mbs($30)
Switched from SP group to Geneco with good rebates
Electricity+ Water bills after all rebates at slightly less than $100/ month for 4-room flat (2020 will be lesser with all the additional u-save vouchers despite electricity doubling/tripling during covid period + the hot weather)

Uob one account for emergency funds while getting $150$100 in interest every month.
Main CC: One card for quarterly rebates.