Socash 1.5% rebate July 2020 promotion

Earned a total of $41.35 for the month of July, and an additional $15 for the month of August, total $56.35

Free cash with minimal hassle, except for the many trips. A total of 7 trips, averaging $8.05 per trip.

1. Smartphone to download Socash app
2. DBS/POSB bank account
3. Nearby Sheng Siong Outlet with $tm machine.

I enjoyed this kind of free cash rebates promo with no spending needed.
I happened to have Sheng Siong near my house which is almost hassle free with it’s $tm machine, very few people used it.

There is not much information from Socash side, everything that i know comes from the other websites and hwz forum where people tested personally and shared how much they are able to withdraw, socash kept changing the monthly limit from $2500 to $2000 then to $1500, probably due to overwhelming reponses, however will be good if some announcement is make transparently.
If you need to queue together with people paying for their purchases, i feel that the effort might not be worth it. Feedback has been given by other users that, socash withdrawal are not really welcome at some stores, especially during peak hours, as it adds to the cashier workload, and increase the queue duration for everybody.

Singapore has a very good and plentiful ATM network, you can find ATM almost anywhere, so i can’t really see Socash as an essential app, or a game changing app.
The $tm machine has a specific icon for Socash, so it was pretty simple, though the Qr code scanner was not that prominent, it is that mirror looking like box below the screen, put your phone screen with the Qr code near it to scan.
Sheng Siong is the clear winner here, as i am already there, might as well do some late night groceries shopping, with some non-essential items here and there.

All in all, i feel that this is a good promo, and highly recommend people who meet the requirements to give it a try. The cash rebates are just in time for the durian season peak in August, for me to enjoy a pack of MSW durians which is getting crazily expensive, when has durians become a luxury item?

15/08/2020 – Seems like they extended the 1.5% cashback promo for another 3 more Fridays, well it was announced on 14th 5:55pm the first friday which i already missed, but i will try for the next 2 Fridays, i tried finding more infomation about the T&C and how much i can withdraw, but there was no information anywhere again.

Socash, you got to do better!

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