Hello World

The first post, the first step.

I am the CFO of my family, we are Singaporeans. And thus the domain name, cfosg.wordpress.com was chosen.

CFO can be Chief Finance Officer, it can also stands for Chief Family Officer or Chief Father Officer.

Join me as my family and i navigate through Singapore living standards, this blog will be more skewed towards the financial aspects of a typical Singaporean family.

It will be from my point of view, touching on some interesting purchases, some number crunching on the yearly expenses, my investing journey, and the decision i made over the years.

I am Y, 34 Male (Yr 2020), married with 3 kids, living in HDB with a housing loan, no car, self-employed with minimum CPF.

My current biggest financial goal is to invest wisely with a 20 years time frame, aiming for a 10% CAGR over the years, so that my children will not be the sandwich generation anymore.

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